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Unstoppable: Strength for Runners App, created by Olympian and Exercise Physiologist Jessica O’Connell, is a strength training program specifically designed for runners. Understanding the common uncertainty about where to begin with strength training, this program provides a clear, structured approach.

Delivered through a user-friendly app, it includes detailed video instructions and descriptions, allowing you to track progress and adjust form.

The program, requiring minimal equipment, focuses on enhancing mobility, stability, strength, and core, with exercises that evolve every four weeks. It’s an affordable, effective solution for runners looking to boost performance, reduce injury risk, and achieve their best, all within a schedule that complements running routines.

About thE APP

The Unstoppable app is your guide to strength training, offering videos and written descriptions for each exercise at an affordable price (less than $5/week). This program is designed for both home and gym settings requiring minimal equipment. Structured around two approximately 30-45 minute sessions per week, it complements your running routine by focusing on mobility, stability, strength, and core. Every four weeks, the app refreshes its exercises, ensuring the program evolves alongside your growing capabilities and keeps you engaged and progressing.

The Unstoppable: Strength for Runners app provides accessible strength training that will suit most runners. Looking for a program created just for you? We can do that! Check out our custom strength for runners option.

Coach Jess in 'GRIT' athletic attire confidently poses with crossed arms.


jess o'connell


Jess O’Connell, a 2016 Olympian and a 15-time national team member, brings a rich blend of professional running experience and academic knowledge to Grit Coaching. In addition to remote coaching, Jess also coaches track and cross country at the University of Calgary. 

Passionate about crafting training programs for runners at all levels, Jess finds equal joy in aiding elite athletes to achieve podium finishes and in helping beginners surpass their own expectations. 

Jess prioritizes recovery and wellness in her coaching and believes that patience, consistency, and FUN leads to incredible results.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be billed monthly via PayPal subscription. You may cancel at any time. Because of the nature of the program, sales are final.

Your first two weeks are risk-free! Should you decide the program is not for you, send us an email and we will provide a refund, no questions asked (though feedback is always welcome).

Faye and Jess have created custom strength and run programs and provided coaching mentorship to hundreds of runners and OCR athletes. This is the bread and butter of Grit Coaching, and we love working one-on-one to help our clients reach their athletic goals.


However, we've noticed that there is a substantial group of runners who want some type of strength training to help their running and round out their athleticism, but they don't necessarily need or want a full-on custom program at this time.


Unstoppable: Strength for Runners is designed to bridge that gap. We've put our coaching expertise into a self-directed app, making strength training accessible and affordable.

If you are looking for a custom training plan created just for YOU, , check out our 1:1 services!

You may cancel and resume payment at any time via paypal. You must make a payment in order to have access to the program.

If you would like to alter your progression (ie if you would like to repeat a month or resume after time off), send an email to coach@gritcoaching.net and we can adjust.

Each workout takes approximately 30-40 minutes.

The first time you do a new program will likely take a bit longer as you become comfortable with new exercises.

UNSTOPPABLE is designed to be done at home with minimal equipment.  Tools we'll use include:

  • A miniband (these are very inexpensive and can be purchased online, at most physio/pt/chiro clinics, or many sports stores)
  • Small towel
  • Backpack with books in it
  • Milk jug filled with water or gravel (or dumbbells/kettlebells)

The program is delivered through our app. Each month includes an intro video with an overview of the purpose of the exercises that month.

The app has videos and written descriptions of every single exercise.

You are able to track sets, reps, and notes about your workouts in the app. You are also able to film yourself and assess your form directly in the app!


Research shows that the best way to get conditioning adaptations is progressive overload: hit your body with something new, progress, and then switch things up to challenge your body in a new way.


Each monthly program contains two different workouts to be done during the week, repeated weekly for four weeks.


Though the exercises remain the same for four weeks, the VOLUME changes weekly - you'll add sets, reps, or weight to keep yourself challenged as you get stronger.


It takes time to get comfortable with new exercises and get the most out of each movement. You don't want to get toooo comfortable though - that's why it's important to switch things up regularly, but not every day.

Each month, you'll recieve fresh exercises. Each program will have the same general components (mobility, stability, strength, and core), but some months will have special focuses such as breath work and foot-specific strength.


The program is progressive and generally (though gradually) becomes more difficult.

Jess O'Connell

Coach Jess in 'GRIT' athletic attire confidently poses with crossed arms.

Though Jess spent much of her free time growing up competing in Irish dancing, once she hit the track, she never looked back! As a specialist in the 5000m, she boasts a personal best time of an impressive 15:06.66. Her accomplishments include competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics in the 5000m and formerly holding the Canadian national records for the indoor 3000m and 2 mile races. Jess’s career is further highlighted by being a 15-time Canadian national team member across track and field, cross country, and road running, a four-time National Champion, a Pan Am Games silver medalist, an NCAA Division I All-American, and achieving a personal bests of 32:22 in the 10km (road race) and 4:30 in the mile.

Jess has always been “nerdy” about her training, which shows through in her impressive academic background. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University and a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Calgary. As a CSEP-CEP (Clinical Exercise Physiologist) with a High-Performance specialization, Jess holds the highest level of certification available in Canada. Jess also holds NCCP Performance Coach certification for endurance events. She applies her vast athletic experience and educational background to her role in Grit Coaching, and also serves as the distance track and cross country coach at the University of Calgary. 

Jess’s commitment to sport extends beyond her personal achievements, as she actively works to inspire and uplift the next generation of athletes. She has passionately volunteered for Fast and Female, an organization dedicated to empowering girls and young women to remain active and engaged in sports, and has served as the athlete representative on the board of Athletics Alberta, the provincial governing body for track and field. Jess believes that balance, health, and FUN are essential for longevity in sport, and she loves sharing her love of running with others.

USA & International - Monthly ($17 USD/mo)

USA & International - Yearly ($170 USD/Year)

Canada - Monthly ($19 CAD/MONTH+ GST)

Canada - Yearly ($190 CAD/year+ GST)


Coach Faye in 'GRIT' athletic attire confidently poses with crossed arms.

Faye’s journey in athletics is marked by dedication and impressive achievements. Throughout her high school and university years, she was deeply engaged in running, competing for the University of Calgary’s track and cross-country teams. Her standout moments include earning the “All Canadian” cross-country status and participating in the 2008 Olympic trials for the 5000m. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Faye embarked on a career as a personal trainer, where her passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle became a source of inspiration for her diverse range of clients.

Transitioning from competitive running, Faye soon discovered her next athletic passion: obstacle course racing (OCR). Her strong foundation in running and strength training quickly propelled her to success in the OCR world. Faye’s talents were recognized in 2016 when she joined the Spartan Pro Team, and her athletic ability was furthered with a bronze medal at the Spartan World Championships.

Continuing to compete among the elite, Faye has consistently demonstrated her skill and tenacity in OCR. She has secured two 4th place finishes at both the Spartan North Americans and the Spartan World Championship. Her record of Spartan podium finishes over the past decade showcases her enduring excellence in the sport.

Beyond the thrill of competition, it’s the OCR community that deeply resonates with Faye. The opportunity to travel, share her passion for fitness and adventure, and connect with an array of positive, inspiring individuals fuels her year after year. Faye embodies the essence of the “work hard, play hard” ethos, living it to the fullest in both her professional and personal life.